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Dentistry is not a profession where short cuts pay. Excellence in technique, diagnosis and material will give you the best chance of trouble free teeth. It has however become a very expensive  option for many people. Patients have been steered into complex and costly options such as crowns when more cost effective  options may be more suitable.

With the improvement in white fillings it is rare for us to resort to a crown or inlay .

Blackburn North Dental was established in 1984 and has been at the present site since 1995. The current Dentists are Dr Fabiola Gonzalez- Smith and   Dr Nicolas Smith . We have a commitment to ongoing learning and offering you the the latest advancements in dental techniques. Both dentists have a combined 50 years of experience in general dentistry . We abide by the Australian charter of health care providers 

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Routine Exams


A thorough examination will be  performed utilising digital radiographic imaging to formulate a personalised treatment  plan for your specific needs, A quote will be provided at the end of the consultation

Dental Hygiene


Of all the services provide by our practice one of the most essential is the removal of scale and plaque from your teeth. To prevent gum disease or te loss of bone structure from your teeth this service is essential.

Dental Fillings


We use only white composite or glass ionemer fillings for all restorations. As well as containing no metal or mercury they represent the most conservative and aesthetic option for the restoration of your tooth.

Dentures & Veneers


We provide dentures both partial and full when needed to restore missing teeth. Veneers are an essential tool in the improvement of a patients smile and their overall aesthetics,

Emergency Dentistry


Our clients are pleasantly surprised at the ability of us to provide  dental treatment with no pain or discomfort. We have many years of experience at diagnosing the source of your pain and painlessly treating the cause. We will not push you into expensive solutions and will be directed by you in the choice of your treatment.

Teeth Whitening
Tooth whitening is achieved by using carbamide peroxide in a stabilised gel applied to the teeth using a custom made tray. The gel is applied overnight and requires 7 to 14 days of continuous application . Some patients will experience sensitivity as a result of the  bleaching. The level of whiteness can be controlled directly by prolonging the use of the agent.
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Our Facilities
Dr Nick Smith
Principal Dentist
Our Dentists


We take  sterilistaion very seriously and adhere to all  standards issued by the NHMRCA and ANZ Standards 418

All instruments are either sterilised in  a class B autoclave, disposed of after single use or  covered by a barrier which is subsequently disposed of.

We use the latedt class B vacuum autoclaves that deliver sterilisation by utilising  a vaccum which alloys the penetration of steam which is directly injected into the  chamber. Critical instruments are tracked  and logged on your clinical notes.

Cross Infection


Our Address

111 Springfield Rd

Blackburn North VIC 3130

PHONE   9894 3347

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9:00 AM– 5:30PM


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